Anywhere, the cloud Contact Center focused on the business

Any incorporation into our company, including the acquisition of new technologies, must be aimed to facilitate the achievement of business objectives: sell more, serve better, collect earlier and retain customers. This is the inspiring core of Anywhere, the new technological platform for integral customer relationship management in the cloud, designed with the vision of Konecta, a benchmark in the sector with more than 20 years of leadership.

Anywhere: a new Contact Center to conquer new customers

The convergence between asynchronous channels, artificial intelligence systems and the traditional customer management model is the main challenge for Contact Centers for the next few years. At Konecta we have been leaders in the customer relationship sector for 20 years; this experience and our constant commitment to innovation applied to the improvement of the Customer Experience has helped us to create Anywhere, a technological proposal that will help companies to conquer the new customers.

The power of Konecta, now from home

Change is unstoppable. And in the face of change, adaptation is the answer. At Konecta, aware as we are of the needs related to Customer relationship management, we’ve reimagined Contact Centers through our latest initiative. Welcome to Konecta Cloud: the power of Konecta, now from home.