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Reduce absenteeism by 88% and turnover by 25%

Maximize your business results

By adding work from home in your Contact Center you will achieve an improvement in various key management indicators such as absenteeism, rotation, adherence, while increasing productivity per agent and reducing real estate and derivative costs.

90% of employees are more motivated

Improve the engagement of your agents

Create stronger bonds and more satisfied workers by including work from home in the work model. Employees will improve their health and well-being, save time and money on transfers, thus being better prepared to improve the Customer Experience

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Help create a more integrated and sustainable society

Contribute to a better world

Implement employment strategies that are committed to the labor inclusion of diverse groups, contribute to the employability of workers in rural locations, and reduce the ecological footprint of your organization by implementing work from home policies.

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Enable with Konecta Cloud a hybrid model that adapts to your business objectives combining traditional work and work from home

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Your Contact Center becomes easy, secure and flexible

Offer the best experience to your client on their preferred channel and obtain the benefits that hybrid work models bring to your agents and your business thanks to our technological solution

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